My trip to Sardinia

Hello and welcome back – both to me and to you,

It’s been so long since I’ve written a blogpost, way too long. I’ve been to Sardinia, and after a lovely holiday, I can safely say I’m glad to be home (even though it’s raining like crazy and it’s 14 degrees outside). I came home this morning at 4 so I’ve been half asleep all day, but it’s been too long, I couldn’t wait to write a blogpost again.

This blogpost is a bit different than normal, because this is about my trip to Sardinia. I went to Alghero with my mum and dad for a week. It was so hot, almost 40 degrees every day ahh.. We went to loads of beaches, went to see some beautiful old towns and ate some great Italian food. Here are some pictures from this beautiful island.

harbor in Alghero

Alghero’s old town

Sunset plaza (square)


The castle


La Pelosa beach
there were way too many people

A small beach near Stintino

On a boat
On our way to neptune grotto (stalactite cave)

On the plane
you can see the alps, the beautiful sunset and the moon
what a great end to a wonderful holiday.



Thank you for reading!

Anne x