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Makeup collection – eye shadow palettes


I am starting a series, where I am showing my makeup products and doing a mini review of them. Let me know what you want to see next. Enjoy x

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill

At first I was not too keen on this product. I just could not get any pigment out of it, but as I forced myself to use it more, the pigment began to show (in some of the shades). Now, it is one of my all time favorite palettes because you get a lot of beautiful shades in here, both for everyday use and crazy colored looks.

Urban Decay palettes – naked 1, naked heat and Gwen Stefani

Urban Decay does beautiful palettes, but with this brand I tend to stick to one shade/look only. In the naked palette I always go for the shade “sidecar” which is one of my favourite eyeshadows of all time. I like the shimmers over the mattes in the palettes, they are just insane, especially the color “pop” from the Gwen Stefani palette (that you sadly cannot get anymore). The naked heat palette is a well loved eyeshadow palette online, in fact everywhere. I have not found it as well as everyone else, but the pigment is insane, both mattes (!!!) and shimmers. I just do not reach for this palette as much as I would like, but it is great after all.

Too Faced sweet peach palette

Halleluja, this palette is one of my allllll time faves. It is just so beautiful and great. My favorite shade is “luscious”, a beautiful champagne shade. You can make tons of looks with this palette. It blends beautifully, it does have a bit of fallout though but nothing too crazy. I really need to do more looks with this.

Violet Voss holy grail palette

There is a reason this palette is called holy grail, because I certainly could not live without it! I use this palette almost everyday. It is a perfect warm toned eyeshadow palette with the most blendable and pigmented shades. If you had to buy one of all of these palettes, it had to be this one. I have used all the shades and I do different looks with it. I just love all the eyeshadows. they. are. insane.

Tanya Burr palettes

I kinda have a hate love relationsship with these palettes. Some I love, some I do not. They are very good for traveling but if you have a lot of makeup, you are not in need of these. I  am a very big fan and very supportive of Tanya, and these palettes are great for beginners, and people who does not want to splurge on makeup products. They are very affordable. My favorite palette is “birthday suit”, but I really like the “enchanted dream” one as well. The galaxy palette is a palette that is a bit different to the others, and I quite like that it has some special colors in it.

Maybeline the nudes and blushed nudes

I always take the nudes palette with me for traveling, because I would not get sad if it broke but I still can get quite a few looks out of it. It was actually the first ever eyeshadow palette I bought, great for beginners! The blushed nudes I am not impressed with at all, there’s one matte shade and tbh I have not reached for this palette in quite some years.

MAC self-made palette

I will do a separate blogpost on this + my z-palette :))

Other palettes I do not use but still have (would you like a declutter video?)

Thanks for reading,
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– Sorry for the changing light in the pics, my camera did not want to work with me, promise I will fix it till next time.