Fenty beauty lipstick review “S1ngle” and “Freckle fiesta”



I have recently bought 2 mattemoiselle push matte lipsticks  from Fenty beauty. I love the brand so much, and I would love to try more. I have a killawait highlighter from the brand as well, which I adore.

The packaging is an amazing reflective metallic and the shape of it looks so cool. It does not look like an ordinary lipstick, which I like. Love the packaging, even though they are really hard to get good photos of because of the reflectiveness and you get fingerprints on very easily aha.


Shades from left to right – “Freckle fiesta”, “S1ingle”

I bought two shades. The first; “freckle fiesta” – which is described as spiced terra-cotta. On me, it is a warm reddish brown (I just found these random photos of me wearing the shades hehe).


The other colour I have is “S1ngle” – described as a blushing nude. It is a darker nude with an orange undertone on me.


How long does it last?
I have not quite put a timer on how long they last, but they stick on for a good while. They do not last a whole day on me, barely any lipsticks does that, but they last quite well. I would say, I have lipsticks that lasts longer, but I definitely have lipsticks that does not. When I wear these it tends to rub a bit off on the inner parts of my lips when I eat, so I am left with a weird outline of my lips- this is the only issue I have with this lipstick.

How is the pigment?
Incredible. Honestly, for such a smooth formula, you would not think it would be so pigmented, but you only need one swipe of this and your lipsticks looks amazing.

How does it apply?
One of my favourite things about these lipsticks, is how beautifully they apply. They are so smooth and creamy, it does not feel like a matte lipstick at all! Probably my favourite matte lipstick formula to apply on the lips, they just glide on! The applicator is small and a bit different compared to other lipsticks, but I really, really like it.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes, yes, yes. I love the formular and pigmentation so much. I need to get my hands on more shades – maybe I should be brave and buy the dark blue one, it looks so cool! It is not the cheapest lipstick, but it is so worth it, compared to what you get for the money. The packaging looks absolutely beautiful as well. As I said, the only tiny issue I have with this, is that it rubs off after a while, but just be sure that you have it in your bag and you will be fine :)) Let me know what you think of these if you have tried them, or if you have not, which shades would you like to try?

Thank you for reading – enjoy the nice weather (or however the weather is where you live aha)!
Lots of love,
Anne x


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