Products that needs more hype!

Hello lovelies!

First of all, sorry that I haven’t posted loads recently, I’ve been on holiday. In fact, I’m still here. The problem is I forgot my laptop, so I didn’t think I could write. Now I’m on my phone, I just have to figure out how to use this app properly. Okay anyways, today I’m writing this (obvs!?). I’ve been thinking about doing this new series called ‘producers that needs more hype’, and as the name gives it self, it’s a series where I show you my favourite products that I haven’t heard people talk about/talked enough about.

We’re starting this of with one of my all time favourite products – the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette!! What can I say, this palette is simpley gorgeous. It has all shades you need for a warm eyemakeup-look, cranberry colours, with both mattes and shimmers. This blends beautifuly, it’s so pigmented as well as not being that expensive. I bought it on Beautybay, and I’ve never been happier with an order!

I know you might be thinking, ‘why the hell is she including a Mac lipstick in this’, and that my friend I can explain. Yes, I know Mac lipsticks are so hyped, in fact, I think they’re the most hyped lipsticks ever (woooa). But, but, but I’ve never heard anyone talking about this exact lipstick. It’s a matte finish and it’s called ‘Mehr’. It’s such a gorgeous berry colour. It’s a little bit dark (at least on me and I’m pale as a ghost, so maybe that says something!?). You could use this for a going out lipstick with a dark smokey eye or you could use it on a daily basis. Also Mac’s lipsticks are so comfortable and beautiful on the lips, even the matte one’s.

This is actually quite a new product for me. I bought it maybe a month ago, but I’m already loving it. It’s a product from Nyx (one of my fave brands) – HD finishing powder. I love everything I’ve tried from Nyx’s HD studio line, so when I saw this I was so happy! It’s a transparent mineral powder and it works wonders. This is a powder I would use both without or with foundation on. This just makes you look photoshopped. I hugely recommend this product!

I actually had some more products that I wanted to talk about, but let me know if you want me to do another blogpost like this, as I feel like this blogpost is already too long and my fingers are starting to cramp (god I miss my laptop!!).

Thanks again so much for reading. Even though there’s not many of you, I really appriciate it. I haven’t had this blog in a long time, so let’s see where this takes me.

Lots of love,

Anne xx


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