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Rimmel lipsticks review

Hey everyone!

Recently, I bought some Rimmel lipsticks – and now it just occurred to me that I have a  lipstick from every Rimmel lipstick collection. So I thought, why not do reviews on these lipsticks?! Okay then, Let’s get started… As you will probably see, I mostly have nude lipsticks.

Kate Moss lipsticks

I have 3 of these lipsticks, and i absolutely love them all! They’re so comfortable to wear and they are in some really nice shades (and how cute is it, that the ones I have, have different packagings!?). They are a creamy formular, but they don’t smudge and slide everywhere. One thing though is, that they don’t last forever. If you’re going out, I would recommend to keep this in your bag to touch up, but for me it isn’t a problem. I have the shades 42, 107 and 38.


Top to bottom  – 38, 107, 42

38 is one of my favourite lipsticks ever, if I don’t know what lipstick I should wear, I always grab this. This is just such a gorgeous nude/peachy colour and perfect for everyday wear!

107 – this is a berry/deep red colour. This is honestly a little bit out of my comfort zone, but for autumn I will force myself to wear it, cause it’s the most stunning colour. I’m pretty sure everyone reading this, have heard about this before, and if you haven’t; where have you been!?! ahah.

42 is the perfect nude for me, It’s not a ‘are you wearing foundation on your lips’ kinda nude, but it’s more of a pretty darker nude colour on me. LOVE THIS!

The only 1 matte lipsticks

I have 1 lipstick from this collection, so I don’t know if this review suits all of the lipsticks in this collection. But it probably does because it’s the same formular, I just won’t promise anything 😉

So, this lipstick is a matte lipstick, and matte lipsticks are the love of my life – if they’re not too drying! And this matte lipstick is the most non-drying (what) matte lipstick that I own, but it does still look matte on the lips. So comfortable to wear as well, long lasting and it has a velvet/matte finish. I’d love to try more of these.


Colour – 200 salute

If any of my friends saw this colour, they would describe it as a ‘me colour’. This is just a colour made in heaven for me. Nude/pink matte = best colour ever. Do I need to say more? + the name reminds me of little mix, which is a huuuuge plus lol.

Moisture renew sheer & shine lipsticks

Hell yeah – the packaging is pink *goes and buys all of these and doesn’t care if they’re good or not*. I mean, that would’ve been me if I had any money.

Okay, the lipstick. As I’ve said I’m more of a matte lipstick lover, but I still like glossy lips sometimes. I wouldn’t call this lipstick formular sheer, because it’s definitely not. It’s not a tinted lip balm sheer at least. It’s really glossy and really comfortable on the lips (I’ve said that about all of the lipsticks, but Rimmel lipsticks are just so amazing and moisturizing!). I feel like this lipstick slides a little bit around on my lips, but maybe it’s because I’m used to wearing matte lipsticks. I think if you love glossy lips and have really dry lips, this lipstick would be perfect for you.


300 – pink rules

This colour is such a fun bright pink colour. I don’t know when I’ll wear this colour, because for me it’s not the most wearable colour in the world, but I do like it. It would be super cool for the summer time.

So over all, Rimmel lipsticks are amazing and  affordable, and if you’re a beginner with makeup or you just want to make your makeup collection bigger (me), then Rimmel lipsticks (or just Rimmel in general) are so good. I highly recommend their lipsticks!

Thank you so much for reading this, and high-five if you’ve come this far. 

Lots of love,
Anne x


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